Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs come in several different styles and variations.  Most new signage is made with LED lighting for its longevity, cost less to operate and consumption of 90% less energy than incandescent lighting.  Incandescent and fluorescent lighting are being phased out due to efficiency and their harmful effect on the environment. Over the past few years the popularity of LED lighting has made the cost of LED lighting more practical.  It is currently the least expensive lighting for new signs. Neon lighting is still available, making neon signs is an art and there are less and less neon artists around, the upfront cost, the energy consumption and maintenance of neon signs is for those that really are looking for that unique look you get from a neon sign.  What is exciting there are new LED products that are made to look similar to neon, the one component they just don’t replicate exactly is the unique light a neon sign gives off from the gas it is made with.    

Most popular types of Illuminated signs

Lighting Styles

Lighting Types

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