Wall Wraps


Wall wraps are becoming more and more popular in retail locations, businesses, schools, colleges, sports venues and more. They can offer a high impact impression professional impression to your space.  There are so many different types of wall wrap materials on the market made to fit every situation.  Looking for short term wall wrap easily removable or looking for a long term solution we’ve got a wall wrap media that will fit those either of those needs.  Wall wraps can be applied to smooth surface, rough surface, brick, interior or exterior walls.  How long will your wall wrap last?  It all depends on the materials you use, they range from a 6 month life to over 10 year life expectancy.  Wall wraps can be works of art, informational, education, increase brand awareness or inspire buyers.

Benefits of Wall Wraps

  • Custom Design
  • Quick Installation
  • No holes in wall or brick

We are 3M trained and perferred installers.  When looking for your next wrap company make sure you chose a company that is trained and educated in wrap products to be able to fit your wall wrap goals with the correct wrap materials.  

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics aren’t quite as popular or commonly used quite yet in all areas of the world, but they are a great marketing solution.  Floor wrap materials also come with several different options for longevity and use.  We are also 3M trained and certified in floor graphics.