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Looking for a career in the sign and wrap industry?


Are you looking to find your niche, grow your skills and become a sign and wrap industry?  Here is a great opportunity to get your start and grow your career to an unlimited potential, which could include an option to buying or earn some ownership of the company.  We would prefer an individual that has had prior experience but we are open to training.

Experienced Sign, Graphics and Wrap Installer

Objective: Independently complete sign, graphics and wrap installations.  

Core Responsibilities (Daily Tasks)

  • Participate in Morning Meetings

  • Check Calendar for scheduled projects

  • Weeding, masking and production of graphics when necessary

  • Dis-Assembly, Clean and prep vehicles, surfaces or substrates for graphic installation

  • Install graphics, wraps and signs

  • Graphic Removal

  • Update project manager software

  • Assist other installers as needed

  • Maintain the cleanliness of the shop area

  • Other projects as assigned


The Ideal Candidate would have:

  • 1 - 2 years of experience in the sign, graphic and wrap industry

  • Knowledge how to clean and prep vehicles for graphic installation

  • Working knowledge of basic tools (Screw Drivers, Tape Measure, Drills, saw, knives and installation tools (ect)

  • Desire to learn new skills and follow directions

  • Willing to ask questions when clarification is needed

  • Customer Service Focused with a positive attitude

  • Mechanically Inclined

  • Valid Driver's License

  • Comfortable working on ladders or scaffolding

  • Willing to work as a team and independently

  • Attention to detail and quality

  • Able to lift 50 lbs and stand for long periods of time

  • Able to travel as needed and work a flexible schedule during peak times


Employment Status:  Full Time, Regular work hours are Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 5 pm and Friday from 8:30 am - 4 pm.  Pay based on experience & certifications



  • Vacation
  • Holiday Pay
  • 401k
  • Health Insurance 
  • Paid Training



The value of a Fleet Brand Partner


Why choose a Fleet Branding Partner?  

  1. Simplicity:  When companies are growing there are a lot of moving parts and decisions to be made, let us help simplify your fleet graphics.  

  2. Consistency:  We understand the value of building a brand and maintaining an image.  One of the biggest reasons clients move to a fleet graphics branding program is to ensure all their vehicles are consistent with the same colors, fonts, images, quality and messages.  

  3. Experience:  With over 16 years in the industry and branding partners around the USA we can offer our expertise on how to implement a nationwide fleet graphics program.  Our installers travel the world installing graphics and wraps or we find certified wrap installers in your area.  Making the move to a corporate branding program can provide some challenges in the beginning but we have been through it and we are here to support you and guide you through it.  

  4. Pricing:  With our high volume purchasing power, you get a high quality product at a competitive price.  Budgeting for new vehicles, trailers, buses or semis?  We can help make sure you have your vehicle graphics in your budget.   

  5. Quality:  Our team is professionally trained and we have a network of installers around the world.  You can expect top quality products and installation.  It is always our priority to stay on top of new products and innovations we can provide our clients.  



Need Signage for COVID - 19


Does your business need floor graphics to show customers where to stand and space out 6’ apart?  Do you need signage to communicate with your truck drivers about new policies when delivering products?  Could you use some help advertising your promotions and specials a this time?  We can help you out with any of your needs to make this time in our lives a little easier.  We’ve got you and we want to help!  Email us at or call us at 320-234-9727.


COVID - 19 Hours and Proceedures


We are continuing to do business but like many of you in a little different way during this Safe at Home order.  Many of our clients work in essential services and we are here to help and we are offering a special.  The best way to get started is to email us at or call us at 320-234-9727.  At this time we are not allowing walk-ins and very minimal appointments.  We have a majority of our staff working from their homes.  Here are some of the ways Crow River Signs is helping clients.

  • Banner’s to display what services are available or communicate with delivery drivers 
  • Temporary signage directing traffic
  • Floor graphics to mark where 6’ is between each customer
  • Low Tac door decals 
  • Social Media Ads

These are just some of the areas that we have been able to help clients make their customers experience better during a difficult time.  Have a need, we can help!    


Jessica's First Install - Hutchinson Health Pediatric Therapy


I recently completed the 3M Advanced Installer Training course and last week I had my first install.  AJ was laughing at me as I was super excited to use my new 3M tool bag and my wrap tool belt as I was packing up all my tools and double checking best practice cleaning procedures on the walls.  I did it and it was so fun!!!  Surprising to many I am sure, I do enjoy installing and I can’t wait for the next project!  Check out these amazing wall graphics we designed, printed and installed.





Who is heading to the fair?


It’s one of our favorite times of the year.  The McLeod County Fair is officially open.  All of our staff members enjoy the grandstand events, fair food, good music, art, games, rides and catching up with friends.   We are proud to be the 2017 Title Grandstand Sponsor once again.  AJ is celebrating his 10th year as a member of the McLeod County Fair Board.  Would you like to win some tickets to join us at the fair?  Head on over to our Facebook page to join in on the fun.  For more information about the McLeod County Fair check out their website.  


TDK Sign Collaboration


Nothing gives us more energy and excitement than to be able to collaborate with local businesses to complete a sign project.  Our little community of Hutchinson has so much hidden talent behind their business doors.  In our business we have been so fortunate to get to know these other local businesses and their capabilities; we have always enjoyed having the opportunity to work together on a project with them and their quality and abilities never disappoint.  


Forcier, Incorporated 2016 McLeod County Fair Grandstand Title Sponsor


Forcier, Incorporated is proud to be the title sponsor for the 2016 McLeod County Fair Grandstand.   The McLeod County Fair has been near and dear to our hearts since we can remember.  It is such an honor to be able to be a title sponsor.  AJ became a Fair Boar Member since 2007.  The grandstand sponsorship is new this year and so far we are really enjoying being a title sponsor and celebrating with giving away tickets to various events.  Check out our Facebook page to join in the fun.


Cut Vinyl Letting vs. A Wrap


You be the judge.  This is the same vehicle, which one creates a more professional look for this company?  Yes a wrap costs a bit more, but what a big difference it makes, this van looks almost brand new again.  


LED Electronic Message Centers: Cost Effective and Efficient



Are you considering an LED Electronic Message Center?  Many customers are considering taking the plunge.  Here are some facts to help you decide if taking this jump is right for you.

1.  Owners typically see an immediate increase in business of 15% to 150% when adding an Electronic Message Center.

2.  LED Signs draw in 50% of a business' customers according to a report released by the US Chamber of Commerce.  

3.  Research at the United States Postal Offices revealed that digital signage increased sales up to 180% across the country.


Crow River Signs Sell Apparel Business

The good news is our apparel business grew so much in the past few years that we felt we were no longer able to provide the service and attention that our customers needed and deserved.  The great news is we were able to find a perfect fit to purchase the equipment and business.


We've Moved, Come Visit Us At Our NEW Location!


It's been a very busy last 30 days getting our new office ready and moving to 123 Michigan St. NE, Hutchinson, MN.  Just off of Hwy 7 behind Casey's gas station, right next door to Crow River Glass.  We can't wait for you to come see us!


Have You Tried Facebook Ads Yet?


Have you ever ran Google ads in the past?  How about Facebook Ads?  I've been running Google Ads for the past year for Ultimate Boat Wraps and we have been pretty happy with the ROI (return on investment), good results with a small investment. {C}


Managing Your Social Media In Just 30 Minutes


There are several tools to help you manage your social media.  We are all so busy that sometimes managing your social media can be overwhelming and I would share with you two tools that will help you make this task a little easier.  Two of my favorite tools for social media content management are Nutshell Mail and HootSuite.  To be quite honest the reason those are two of my favorites is because they have FREE versions and they help make managing my social media much easier.  In this article I am going to give you an overview of these tools and how you can use them to manage your social media in 30 minutes a day or 30 minutes a week.


7 Tips On How To Use Faecbook Effectively For Business

You see it everywhere...  Find us on Facebook!  Why?  Because Facebook can work for your business.  We've talked to several small businesses that have been successful using Facebook and it has really helped them save on their advertising budget and best of all increase their sales.  One of the best parts about Facebook is that your Facebook page can be found via internet search.  So for companies that don't have a website yet, this is a way they can have an online presence.  Here are some tips for using Facebook for your business effectively.

Crow River Signs Marketing

Coming in 2012, Crow River Signs is going to continue on our path of being your one stop marketing shop!  We often get the pleasure of working with companies that are just starting up or companies trying to either re-brand or make a push to create top of mind awareness.  Marketing has been a true passion for Jessica, one of the co-owners of Crow River Signs.  She received her college education in business management and marketing and has set out to continue her education in marketing and share her knowledge with others.  How will Crow River Signs, differ from other marketing companies?  Crow River Signs will strive to give you out of the box, innovative and creative marketing options focusing on creating what a business needs out of their marketing dollars...  The best ROI (return on your investment).  In the next few weeks, we will be excited to announce another person that will be joining our team to help us expand into selling our marketing services. 

Seasons Greetings From Crow River Signs

Season Greetings from Crow River Signs!

First and foremost we’d like to thank you for your support over the past year and giving us the opportunity to do business with you.

Design Your Own Wrap Online!

We are very excited to introduce to you our online wrap design studio where you can design your very own Truck, Trailer, Boat, Golf Cart, Race Car or Car Wrap!

Truck & Boat

We just got a new to us boat back in July.  The body of the boat wasn't too sharp looking so we were able to pick up the boat for the right price,  it wasn't selling as is.  The graphics were faded and peeling off, there was a pretty big scratch on the side.  Nothing a little elbow grease and wrap can't fix.  This time we chose a design that matched our truck wrap.  Our design was one of 3 design concepts we put together for a customer.  We had our eye on it from the point we submitted it to our customer and decided that if the customer didn't choose that one it would be the next wrap for us.  Lucky us he choose a different design.  We get lots of oohs and ahhs when we pull our boat down the road, it does it's job of turning heads and leaving a lasting impression.

read more..., Check out our new website!

For more information on our boat wraps check out our new website:

Check out the Gallery!

Check out the Gallery  to see our stock designs and before and after pictures.  More designs and graphics packages coming soon!

Desing Your Own Boat Wrap

Design your own boat wrap with our online design studio!

YouTube Video of Malibu Boat Wrap



Who Owns You Logo? You Might Be Surprised!

Do you have the original format of your logo?  If you don't, I would suggest contacting the person that designed it for you to find out how you can get it.  By law unless you have paid for logo design and have had the rights signed over to you, the company that designed your logo owns the rights.

Check Out The Time Lapse Video!